Zhao's Artistic Style


Zhao’s paintings softly blend figures of realism with a touch of impressionism. He has captured the aestheticism in life through his mastery, skills, splendorous creativity and unique talent.  Zhao has an eye of unique insight and an inborn sensitivity to the language of color、rhythm and light. Many years of diligent research and devotedly absorbing the essence of the old masters has resulted in the formation of the unique individualized style and technique that is Zhao’s today.

Zhao’s painting of scenic gardens are typically bold、vivaciout and flamboyant. Intense and flaming hues dazzle viewers; fluid strokes are like complex and changeable rhymes. Despite the intricate brushwork and multi-layers of intertwining colors, there is a sense of harmony and order.

His Seascape paintings give a feeling of complete relaxation and carefree abandon. They have the same unique vigorous character and light filled spirit. However contrasting with the scenic gardens is a purer quality from which one may sense a beauty of succinctness and tranquility. The controlling of the work is more concise and integrated. This is shown in the summarized agile brushwork and a comparatively simpler, purer and more refreshing choice of color.

Zhao’s figurative paintings are alluring. Unlike the frigid form of the statue, you can feel the lifelike weighty face, the pulsating muscle and the existence of a warm and breathing entity. The male figures display a masculine dignity while the women demonstrate the gentleness of femininity. Characters, expressions and personality are captured in their full.


If you are interested in Zhao's artworks either Orginal or Giclee on Canvas, please visit:

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