Talk with the Angels


Where does the inspiration come from?


The early years when Zhao first came to Australia trying to carve a new world alone in a foreign country were his toughest days both finically and mentally. Not long after he settled, the Tiananmen massacre started, and Zhao received the devastating news only months later that his mother had suddenly passed away. At the time, it was impossible for him to go back to China. Zhao cried day and night and there were no words to describe his sorrows. He remembers he could only express the grief by locking himself in a room for two weeks. Shortly after this, as Zhao walked in the park in the depths of anguish thinking about his mother, out of nowhere, a child appeared and handed him a flower. The child had the most beautiful smile. She was like an angel! Zhao held the flower, tears roll down his face.

On the worst day of his life, he had received a warm touch by an angel. Ever since, children have become a subject that Zhao is passionate about.

“Children are the angels of this world! They are so pure and lovely with a nature that is close to God. As we grow up we become wise, selfish and more or less lose our innocence. When I paint children, I feel as if I'm being cleansed by their purity."

Zhao started to observe friendships, love and harmony, in search of this warmth feeling between people. Zhao finds that such a feeling can be seen from many moments of our daily life.


“ If your heart is filled with love, you only need to open your heart and observe, you will see love in life, it is everywhere in nature, and only in nature that you will find such harmony.”




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